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Special trial offer $19.99 for 3 classes Israeli Krav Maga

If you've seen the most popular action movies recently, you have probably seen some Krav.  Krav is the Israeli system of self-defense in close combat.  You will not learn pretty stances and dance moves.  You will learn how to systematically identify threats, anticipate attacks, respond vigorously and explosively defend yourself against any attack.

Krav is ideal for women's self defense.  And, it is simply unmatched as the efficient way to survive on the street.  Ideal, for man, woman, boy or girl of any age.  We offer two Krav classes per week: Monday and Wednesday at 7pm and Tuesday and Thursday at 6pm. Our current Krav classes are limited to 14 years old and above.

We operate under the direction of the Israeli Krav International (IKI). Twice annually we sponsor our Grand Master, Moshe Katz, for advanced teaching for our instructors and a program for all students.  All belt testing is supervised by the IKI.
  • Designed for all ages and physical condition
  • Every class has short circuit training segment for fitness improvement
  • We teach IKI certified safe techniques
  • Your individual needs and capabilities are evaluated
  • Enjoy your training with your training partners
  • Bring friends and train together

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