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Adult Self Defense - Hapkido - the Way of Coordinated Power

If you've ever wondered how you would behave if physically threatened or attacked, don't worry.  We all have.  And, you will find your answer at Core Martial Arts Academy.  We teach our hapkido curriculum under the guidance of the US Korean Martial Arts Federation.  Even as experienced instructors, we still go to class under our Masters regularly and attend semi-annual Federation training. 

You will safely learn to move, protect yourself, escape from grabs, respond to striking or kicking attacks.  You will progress to ground fighting skills and judo-like throws.  And, as you approach your black belt, you will learn to defend against knife and gun attacks. 

And, you will benefit from building core strength, balance, co-ordination and flexibility.  We also teach healthy relaxation and inner strength practice to enhance your life.

More than just technique, Hapkido is a full system of mind, body and spirit.  Hapkido:  the art of coordinated power!
  • Includes free uniform
  • We always start with warm-up and end with a cool-down stretch for safety
  • Martial arts is a great stress relief from the aggrevations of modern life
  • Get off the couch and get moving to help jump-start your weight loss program
  • We practice conflict avoidance techniques
  • Not just some off the wall asian art.....a complete self-defense system

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