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Special Offers

Martial arts and self-defense for children and teens

Try our exciting classes without further obligation for 6 weeks at the low price of $69 per child.  Your child will love being a part of our class in his or her uniform (a $49 value) included free.  Once you purchase the trial and pay for it on-line, come in on class day about 15 minutes early.  We will give you a tour of our 3000 sq foot training facility.  Show you the dressing rooms and rest rooms.  You'll see our carpeted kids lounge and ample viewing windows.

Enjoy watching your child learn his or her first martial arts techniques.  And, if you want to become a full member within 3 weeks, you will have an opportunity for a discount on your first month's tuition.  

During the 6 weeks, your child will have better focus, display better manners and show more self-control.  Exactly what most parents are looking for!

We offer a complete line of classes for children from 4 years old into teenage years.  Are you looking for help with self-discipline, attention, respect or other character issues?  We emphasize character building communication content.  

We combine the structure of traditional martial arts with a physical fitness program that Simply Builds Better Kids SM.  We teach self-respect, team-work, tolerance, manners, courtesy, respect for others and other character values.  Our physical fitness program builds cardio endurance, core strength and flexibility.

We have programs for ages 3-5, 5-7, 7-10, 11-15 years.  Our curriculum is age appropriate.  Students are grouped according to their physical and mental ages.

Your kids will love our martial arts program!  Every class leaves "sweating and smiling"!

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Adult Self Defense - Hapkido - the Way of Coordinated Power

If you've ever wondered how you would behave if physically threatened or attacked, don't worry.  We all have.  And, you will find your answer at Core Martial Arts Academy.  We teach the hapkido curriculum under the guidance of the US Korean Martial Arts Federation.  Even as experienced instructors, we still go to class under our Grand Master monthly. 

You will safely learn to move, protect yourself, escape from grabs, respond to striking or kicking attacks.  You will progress to ground fighting skills and judo-like throws.  And, as you approach your black belt, you will learn to defend against knife and gun attacks. 

And, you will benefit from building core strength, balance, co-ordination and flexibility.  We also teach healthy relaxation and inner strength practice to enhance your life.

More than just technique, Hapkido is a full system of mind, body and spirit.  Hapkido:  the art of coordinated power!

Krav Maga

If you've seen the most popular action movies recently, you have probably seen some Krav.  Krav is the Israeli system of self-defense in close combat.  You will not learn pretty stances and dance moves.  You will learn how to systematically identify threats, anticipate attacks, respond vigorously and explosively defend yourself against any attack.

Krav is ideal for women's self defense.  And, it is simply unmatched as the efficient way to survive on the street.  Ideal, for man, woman, boy or girl of any age.  We offer two Krav programs:  a co-ed Krav program at night and a Women's Krav and Fitness program.  Our current Krav classes are limited to 16 years old and above.

We operate under the direction of the Israeli Krav International (IKI). Twice annually we sponsor our Grand Master, Moshe Katz, for advanced teaching for our instructors and a program for all students.  All belt testing is supervised by the IKI.

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