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Israeli Krav Maga

Krav Maga

If you've seen the most popular action movies recently, you have probably seen some Krav.  Krav is the Israeli system of self-defense in close combat.  You will not learn pretty stances and dance moves.  You don't have to wear funny pajama bottoms and a special uniform. No, Krav is for you: where you are and how you live every day.  

But, you will learn how to systematically identify threats, anticipate attacks, respond vigorously and explosively defend yourself against any attack.  And, the benefits of Krav Maga training is improved fitness, cardio-vascular health and core strength.

Krav is ideal for women's self defense.  And, it is simply unmatched as the efficient way to survive on the street.  Ideal, for man, woman, boy or girl of any age.  We offer two Krav program program times: 7pm on Monday and Wednesday plus 6pm on Tuesday and Thursday.  Our current adult Krav classes are limited to 14 years old and above.

We operate under the direction of the Israeli Krav International (IKI). Twice annually we sponsor our Grand Master, Moshe Katz, for advanced teaching for our instructors and a program for all students.  All belt testing is supervised by the IKI.

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Frequently Asked Questions
I'm really not that into sweating.  Is Krav for me?If you are looking for adult defensive training that is realistic, krav is for you.  We warm you up before training so you don't injure your couch-potato physique.  And, once you get into these adrenaline pumping techniques, you will get excited and want to increase your level of fitness.  Krav training will tone you and get your energy level higher!

Ok, I like this but I have done martial arts in the past.  What's different?  Our approach to Krav Maga is that the techniques must be able to be done in a high stress situation without a bunch of preparation.  Think - you are carrying a handful of store bags in the parking lot.  Two guys jump you.  What now? We go for simple.  We go for direct.  You won't find a lot of eastern mysticism mumbo jumbo.  Solid, powerful self-defense.  Plus, your physical fitness will improve.

Question: do your instructors have any real experience?  How about USMC in the sandbox?  How about Air Force police investigator, bouncer, personal security for AF generals?   We have experience applying self-defense on-the-job, in the street and in real life.  We teach appropriate use of force in self-defense situations.

I am thinking going into the military.  Will this help?  Heck, yeah.  The military has appropriated much of Krav technique into its various combat training programs.  Let us get you ready for this so you can excel!

Are you expensive?  How pricey is dental work? You can train as little as 2 hours per week up to a max of six hours for just one low monthly price.  The more you train, the more you get out of our program.  What is it worth for the chance to save your life or avoid a beating?  

I would like to improve my fitness.  We do exercise at the start of each class to warm your body to avoid injury.  Plus, we incorporate a mini circuit drill to improve flexibility and core strength.  You will be surprised how you tone up and get more fit.  This is an excellent way to improve your fitness if you live in Gulf Breeze, Navarre or Midway.

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