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Martial arts and self-defense for children and teens

We offer a complete line of classes for children from 4 years old into teenage years.  Are you looking for help with self-discipline, attention, respect or other character issues?  We emphasize character building communication content.  

We combine the structure of traditional martial arts with a physical fitness program that Simply Builds Better Kids SM.  We teach self-respect, team-work, tolerance, manners, courtesy, respect for others and other character values.  Our physical fitness program builds cardio endurance, core strength and flexibility.  Kids martial arts for all ages and fitness!  We help with kids martial arts that improves interpersonal skills, improves politeness, increases attention span, drives focus and produces fitness gains we measure monthly!

We have a Gulf Breeze junior program for ages 3-14 years.  Our curriculum is age appropriate.  Students are grouped according to their physical and mental ages.

Your kids will love our martial arts program!  Every class leaves "sweating and smiling"!

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Every class provides structure and lesson content for your child.  Children learn to work together to better themselves.  In this picture, Mr. Scott is teaching our bo form which stimulates memory, aids balance, enhances timing and builds endurance.

Questions & Answers
Does Martial Arts make kids violent? No, our experience is that kids who attend martial arts classes have less need to act out violently because they are less scared.  They are used to "rough-housing".  They do not need to hurt others.  We teach verbal and other non-violent techniques to avoid fighting and deal with confrontation.

My child is timid.  Is that a problem? Never.  The only real challenge is walking out on that mat.  Our Gulf Breeze junior program classes are friendly and encouraging.  With 2 or 3 adult black belts teaching in every class, your child will get enough one on one instruction.  And, we plan on pairing up with a "buddy" to get through those "scary" first classes.

My child has been bullied at school.  Yep.  Probably a third of our parents tell us about this.  It happens.  We teach verbal and other non-violent methods to avoid fighting and deal with confrontation.  We will teach your child in our Gulf Breeze junior program so that he or she develops resilience, self-control and an inner strength.  We discuss these issues with our students so that they understand the source of bullying and how one's inner strength is revealed in stance and behavior.  Kids who wear our martial arts uniforms are bully-proofed!

Is Martial Arts dangerous?  A lot less than team sports.  Go google the stats.  About 40% less chance of injury than soccer or basketball.  We train on a 1.5 inch Zebra mat system.  The most expensive investment inch by inch we made.  And worth every bit of the $7,000 it cost. And, we watch closely to prevent excessive use of force or inappropriate activity.  But, it's called "martial" for a reason and not "martian".  There is always a risk of injury in martial arts that parents assume.  Some of our students come to our classes from their team sports with "team sport" injuries....sprains, broken fingers, broken arms, etc.  And, with a nurse, ex-MP and former first aid instructor on staff (along with a really fancy EMT bag), well, we can provide care in case of an incident.

I have a it too late? Too late to give 'em away!  Just kidding.  We understand as we have our own kids those ages. Our modern world makes things so complicated for parents.  Parents ought to simplify things they are trying to teach teenagers: 1. A worthwhile occupation to work in 2. Someone to love 3. A passion or idea to believe in.  Teenagers find that martial arts is about them.  There's a standard that is usually related to an objective result.  It's doable.  And, training partners are fun.  The learning and progress is enjoyable.  We give recognition that is earned.  We praise effort and failed attempts and courage to try!  Just what a teenager needs to build character to stand against the crowd and make good decisions.

I live in Navarre or Midway.  We are 12 minutes from Holley by the Sea.  Our easy to find Gulf Breeze location adjacent to Tiger Point is convenient to anywhere on the Gulf Breeze peninsula.  Drop your child off to train in any of our junior programs and then shop at any of the near by stores: WalMart, Lowes, Winn Dixie, Bealls.  Our Tiger Plaza is home to restaurants, beauty shops, gift shops and an adult beverage store.
Mr Scott and Ms Carrie with some of our promoted students
Mr Bruce with new student
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