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Core Martial Arts Academy, Inc.


Core Martial Arts Academy is all about you:  your goals and desires. 

  • Do you want better fitness, relief from stress, powerful self-defense skills? 
  • Does your child or children have an interest in being a "ninja turtle'? 
  • Or, do you want to see the results martial arts can produce in your child?  Self-confidence, self-discipline, can-do attitude!

We listen to your needs and make sure that your program addresses them.  And, we review your progress so that you actually realize the benefits!  From improving your fitness and giving you unbeatable self-defense skills to helping your kids improve fitness, social skills and character, we want to help you and your family!

And, you know your child will love martial arts because we make it active and fun.  Kids get strong, learn anti-bullying techniques, work together as training partners, develop self-discipline and perseverance!  And, we blend in kid-safe and effective training from our Krav Maga curriculum.  

For adults, we provide safe, effective martial arts training to give you unbeatable self-defense skills, a fun work-out with great instructors and training partners.  We teach adult self-defense including Israeli Krav Maga and Korean Hapkido.

Conveniently located in the Tiger Point area of Gulf Breeze, we teach Krav Maga and Hapkido under authority of world-recognized Grand Masters.  

We have a no nonsense, no drama queen attitude.  Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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