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Adult Self-Defense 

If you've ever wondered how you would behave if physically threatened or attacked, don't worry.  We all have.  And, you will find your answer at Core Martial Arts Academy.  We teach our curriculum under the guidance of the US Korean Martial Arts Federation.  Even as experienced instructors, we still go to class under our Grand Master regularly. 

You will safely learn to move, protect yourself, escape from grabs, respond to striking or kicking attacks.  You will progress to ground fighting skills and judo-like throws.  And, as you approach your black belt, you will learn to defend against knife and gun threats. 

And, you will benefit from building core strength, balance, co-ordination and flexibility.  We also teach healthy relaxation and inner strength practice to enhance your life.

More than just self-defense technique, Hapkido is a full system for mind, body and spirit:  the art of coordinated power!

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The longest journey begins with just one step.  If you have ever wanted to train in a martial art, get your black belt, stop the middle age spread, or have a serious need for self-defense, our adult martial arts training is for you.

Come do the 3 class trial.  You will find that Hapkido is a fun, mentally stimulating, logical and addictive martial art.  Addictive?  Yes.  In a good way.  

Hapkido training addresses the physical, mental and emotional needs of you as a whole person.  Let me explain.

Looking to lose a little weight?  Or, bump up your fitness level? Our active classes have you doing the equivalent of about 20 minutes of High Intensity Interval Training.  Twice a week plus our Saturday 2 hour open mat amounts to about a 1,200 calorie burn.  That's good for a pound off every 3 weeks.

Stressed out at work or home?  Don't strangle your boss!  Come train with us for as little as 2 or as much as 6 hours per week of adult martial arts for one low price.  

Feeling fuzzy minded or aimless?  Adult martial arts training stimulates the mind by problem-solving, restoring proprioception lost in our couch-potato life style.  Your brain craves a challenge that martial arts training provides!
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