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Chief Instructor Scott Farley

Scott has been a full time Martial Arts student and instructor for over 7 years. Scott has trained and been promoted to 2nd Dan Black Belt in Hapkido under GM JR West, founder of the US Korean Martial Arts Federation.   Scott has also been training under Moshe Katz, founder of Israeli Krav International, for several years and is a black belt in Krav. This combination of arts is an excellent system for complete self defense.

Scott constantly studies to improve his skills by traveling and training under experts in the field of Martial Arts. Scott’s prior experience in Air Force law enforcement and private security has given him the knowledge to teach not only self defense techniques, but also conflict avoidance and self awareness. Scott is strongly passionate about the whole person idea of instructing. His goal is to not only teach martial arts but to care and lead his students on the Martial Arts path.  

His middle daughter is a Junior Black Belt and his son is a Blue stripe belt in our Kid Tiger Gulf Breeze juniors program.  And, Scott is skilled at teaching in our Gulf Breeze junior program and conducting fitness instruction.  He understands surviving having a "teenager" in the house and enjoys helping families thrive.  

If you are looking for martial arts in Gulf Breeze, Gulf Breeze junior programs  or fitness in Gulf Breeze, contact us!

Carrie Banton

Director of Krav and Fitness Programs

Carrie Banton was taught leadership and survival skills from a very young age from her father as well as The Young Marines Program. As a teenager Carrie took an interest in shooting and began her weapons training.   She joined the Marine Corps in 1999. Among various duties in the Marines, Carrie was in charge of training Marines. This is when she found her passion for educating groups of people.

Carrie gained an interest in martial arts training through the Marine Corps Martial Arts Program in 2001. After being honorably discharged in 2003, Carrie Banton started a family and became a Licensed Practical Nurse, a certification she keeps valid.  She is currently in the RN Nursing program.

Carrie began training Krav Maga in 2011 earning her black belt in Krav Maga from Moshe Katz in October 2013. In 2012, Carrie began training Hapkido. She continues to further her education in both disciplines. She has been assisting her Hapkido instructor, Scott Farley, in teaching children’s junior program classes for 4 years.  She teaches Gulf Breeze junior programs, fitness in Gulf Breeze as well as adult martial arts in Gulf Breeze.

She is passionate about teaching every aspect of self defense and fitness. From awareness, avoidance, physical defense to weapons disarm techniques, Carrie gives her students the skills they need to save their own lives.  Plus, experience teaching junior programs and fitness in Gulf Breeze makes her well-qualified to help you meet your self-defense and fitness goals.

Bruce Irvine

Mr. Irvine has been training Hapkido since February, 2009 but was introduced earlier to martial arts in the military and in college clubs.  Like many business professionals who are students, he spent many years in his career in accounting, banking and financial management.  But, after finding Hapkido, it became his passion.

"Martial arts is a great addition to a business professional's life.  It helps keep you active and off the couch.  Plus, the confidence and experience training and earning your black belt cannot be denied!"

Now, he finds that helping in teaching Gulf Breeze junior programs to be a great way to relax after working his day job.  Director of Finance at Episcopal Day School, he is DCF Level II certified and has completed training in Sexual Abuse Detection and Prevention by the Gulf Coast Diocese. 

And, he helps adults experience self-defense, martial arts in Gulf Breeze and fitness through study of Hapkido in our weekend program. 
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